The Get-Your-Sh*t-Together List AKA Prepping for Your Backpacking Adventure

Planning has become my escape. I think, obsess, and dream about this trip. Having only 3ish months to get everything together stressed the heck out of a dramatic perfectionist like me. Especially having never volunteered/ travelled abroad alone before, I needed a lot of time to understand what questions to ask and to do proper research. Which led to the list I developed below.

The point of this post is to hopefully help some of you who are planning a backpacking trip. This is also to serve as a reference post for myself in the future… if I make it back alive. I told you I was dramatic, didn’t I?

I’m only going for 54 days. But this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to push myself to do, so this makes it my spotlight. I also beg to differ by pointing out that I am not going to comfy, developed, english-speaking countries. On top of which, I won’t have anyone to sob to when my chocolates get stolen (it’s a hard grudge to let go of).

4-6 MONTHS PRIOR TO YOUR TRIP: Continue reading