Backpacking Asia Vlog is Up!

Wow, it only took me a million years to get this uploaded, but it’s finally up!

Let’s flashback to that time when I did something I’d never do– backpacking alone. The memories……


Chiang Mai, Thailand: Lesson #3- No matter how much it may look like the moon, sometimes it’s really the sun

As soon as you leave Bangkok and enter Chiang Mai you step into a different land. Here, it is much more laidback and easygoing.

The 12 hour overnight train was not as bad as I thought it would be at all. The boys complained about the poor sleep but I was just amazed I didn’t get motion sick.

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Along the way, we saw a beautiful red moon in the backdrop.

“I think that’s the sun”, my fellow tour member commented.

“Ben, that is the moon. There is no way you can look directly at the sun”, I insisted.

“Are you sure? Because for some reason, I think that’s the sun”


Shortly after, our tour guide stated it was the sun, and as the mysterious object grew brighter and brighter, I received a well-deserved flip of the bird from dear Ben. Continue reading

Bangkok, Thailand: Lesson #2- A leisurely bike ride in Canada and a leisurely bike ride in Thailand mean two different things

After a while, this new and unimaginable experience– it just becomes everyday life.

The humidity though, that’s another story. I sweat so much today, I swear, even the pee in my full bladder evaporated.


I see myself changing in tiny ways each day. Every “sa-wat-dee-ka” and “kop-koon-ka” that comes out of my mouth is less and less timid. Every conversation I strike up with fellow travellers comes with less hesitation. I’ve rode my first tuktuk, had my first thai beer, hung out with people I just met that day for the first time, activated my first foreign cell number, and received my first number from a Thai man ;). Just kidding, that last one was actually from my taxi driver trying to get more business.  Continue reading