Backpacking Asia Vlog is Up!

Wow, it only took me a million years to get this uploaded, but it’s finally up!

Let’s flashback to that time when I did something I’d never do– backpacking alone. The memories……


Busan, Korea: Lesson #8- Being nude is freeing

Although it was not the original plan, I ended up in Busan alone over the weekend. I was nervous about being lonely, but like the rest of this trip, it was not something I needed to worry about at all. The beauty of the cherry blossoms, spectacular views of the city, and (okay I’ll be honest) over-shopping that I did, was plenty distracting. I spent so much time at some locations, I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to. Yet that’s the beauty of traveling alone– you get to spend as much time as you want in one place without worrying about anyone else.

On the first day, I took a day trip to Jinhae (about 1.5hrs from Busan) to catch the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. With the exception of the crowds, everything was so beautiful and dream-like, I felt like I was in an anime. Although it was a little confusing to find where everything was, I, along with an Australian mother-daughter duo I met along the way, managed to get where we wanted. A random korean woman even hopped off her bike and personally walked us  to the Yeojwacheon stream. She also gave each of us a can of pineapple juice afterwards. I will never forget her kindness. Thank you so much, unni!

I highly recommend checking out the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival if you are in Korea early April. Absolutely stunning.

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Seoul, Korea: Lesson #7- Sometimes you need to give a place a second chance

Korea is back in my fun books. You can’t really blame me, when the last time I visited was with a chinese tour catered towards middle-aged folks. Palaces and pure chinese food and long drives just don’t cut it for a 13 year old. ZZzzZzzzz.

Fast forward a decade (ugh). Being here on my own, going to places catered towards my own interests, eating actual korean food– I absolutely love it here. To the extent that I would consider moving here for a little while. I love the young crowds, the hipster areas, the amazing food both on and off the streets, and all the pretty cherry blossoms. Seeing them in real life has been another dream come true.

Bukchon hanok village, Namsan tower, Gwangjang market, Yeouido cherry blossoms, and cafés in Samchungdong and Insadong... I've been everywhere!

Bukchon hanok village, Namsan tower, Gwangjang market, Yeouido cherry blossoms, and cafés in Samchungdong and Insadong… I’ve been everywhere!

I reunited with my friend Hyuna, who had moved here for a year, and our meeting in the train station was epic. Jumping up and down on some stairs while people passed by probably wasn’t the best idea, but you couldn’t have hid our excitement if you tried. We had both matured so much since our last meeting, yet we were both exactly the same people. It has been a godsend to have a friend here in Korea. I have someone to eat dinner with and someone to watch out for me while I am here.

At the hostel I am staying at, I met a guy named Matt. He is the temp. manager there and while we were making small talk, we found out we were both nurses. He was so surprised his jaw dropped, along with the broom he was sweeping with. I mean, how can you not instantly like a guy like that? Continue reading