U.S.A. stop: San Francisco.

When I came back from my trip in Asia this summer, I knew the next country I wanted to explore was the USA. I’m not sure why, but it suddenly started calling my name. Maybe it’s because I’ve never traveled there, but I wanted so badly to just drop everything and road trip around the whole country. Sadly, our Canadian dollar plummeted, and I had to tell myself that my trip there would have to wait.

I never realized how strongly I make my decisions based on feelings because well, that logic never stuck around for very long. I ended up doing a hiking trip to Montana in August, going to San Francisco this past week, and booking a trip to Vegas in February. Woah, slow down there, girl.

#YOLO, right? I hate that phrase, but it has its truth. Life is too short to fret over what you could have done. Life is for living, and if I don’t fill it up with as many experiences as I can, I know for a fact I would be absolutely miserable. I hate feeling stagnant, like I’m not growing. Maybe it’s because I’m impatient, but I always have to be on the move, doing something, learning something. Don’t get me started on people who just complain about their lives and don’t do anything to change it. Thinking about it heats me up a couple degrees. I just don’t get it.

It’s kind of funny how we ended up in San Francisco because we had originally intended on going to Mexico. Long story short, we couldn’t find a good price and ended up booking SF last minute. Heck, even deciding on Mexico had been super last minute. While I’m all for adventures, I’m usually more of a planner than a spontaneous kinda gal, so my sudden inspiration took even me by surprise. It all started with a rant and a joke, ‘we should just go on vacation together next month’. Well, I like that joke because it led me to SF.


From left to right: view from Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Sausalito, 16th ave tiled steps

San Francisco was exactly what I needed– a break from my crazy life. Even getting food from the breakfast buffet and bringing it back to eat in bed made me extremely content. Friends with laid back attitudes also made for a good, non-stressful trip. We took it easy, and I really appreciated that.

Of course, I can’t go on without mentioning the food. Om nom nom. We had so many places on our list, and only got to go to a handful. The things we did eat though, they were delish. Best clam chowder and salmon dishes I have ever tasted. It was also the first time in my life I’ve lined up for over an hour just for a chance at getting a spot in a restaurant.


From top to bottom: brunch at Hollywood cafe, famous clam chowder at Pier39, jumbo shrimp pasta at Ghiradelli square, salmon at Cliff House, liquid nitrogen ice cream at Smitten.

I love young cities, and SF is definitely one of them :). Next to Montreal, SF is the next city I would consider moving to. Being a coastal city, SF has many scenic viewpoints and for that, it captured my heart. Walking up to Land’s end, I actually squealed. It was the first time I had ever seen the ocean laid out in front of me like that… *dreamy sigh*

DSC04169 (2)

Land’s End. So worth the hour trip out here.

My next favorite moment was biking along the coast and across the Golden Gate bridge. There’s something about the sense of freedom while biking that I thrive off. The thrill of standing up on the bike with the wind in my hair, watching the world whiz by…. I could do that a million times over.

I’m going to leave it off here with a picture of me derping hardcore. Til next time ❤



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