Chiang Mai, Thailand: Lesson #3- No matter how much it may look like the moon, sometimes it’s really the sun

As soon as you leave Bangkok and enter Chiang Mai you step into a different land. Here, it is much more laidback and easygoing.

The 12 hour overnight train was not as bad as I thought it would be at all. The boys complained about the poor sleep but I was just amazed I didn’t get motion sick.

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Along the way, we saw a beautiful red moon in the backdrop.

“I think that’s the sun”, my fellow tour member commented.

“Ben, that is the moon. There is no way you can look directly at the sun”, I insisted.

“Are you sure? Because for some reason, I think that’s the sun”


Shortly after, our tour guide stated it was the sun, and as the mysterious object grew brighter and brighter, I received a well-deserved flip of the bird from dear Ben.

Would you have been Team Moon or Team Sun?

Would you have been Team Moon or Team Sun?

Besides swimming underneath a waterfall for the first time and nearly drowning,  I also managed to survive a 3 day hilltribe trek and live to tell the tale. The sweaty exhausting hike, bonding over campfire singing at the local villages, and falling asleep to the sound of the rushing river and chirping crickets– it was all an experience I would not trade for anything else in this world.

The food I had in the villages was easily some of the best food I had in Thailand. The games our local guides made us play, while very simple and somewhat silly– they were amusing and quite entertaining. Nikky’s animated shouts of “I am THAI CHAMPIONNN!!!” still lingers in my head.


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Once out of the woods,  I got to see the very interesting Cabaret show AKA Ladyboy show back at city centre, and had a good night out afterwards. Some performers were so beautiful you wouldn’t have even guessed they were men. I really enjoyed the show, although some of the more provocative performances got me covering my eyes like a little girl. I stay true to my nature.

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Side note: I did this portion of my traveling through G Adventures. While it was a great way to meet people and have many loose ends tied up for me,  alot of the activities I had to pay out of my own pocket for, which killed my budget. Still, I was lucky enough to have a great guide and an amazing time. 

In Thailand, I experienced alot of things for the first time that I, despite my crap memory, don’t think I will forget for a very very long time.  Cheers Thailand, it’s time for some work in your neighbouring country now.


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