Bangkok, Thailand: Lesson #2- A leisurely bike ride in Canada and a leisurely bike ride in Thailand mean two different things

After a while, this new and unimaginable experience– it just becomes everyday life.

The humidity though, that’s another story. I sweat so much today, I swear, even the pee in my full bladder evaporated.


I see myself changing in tiny ways each day. Every “sa-wat-dee-ka” and “kop-koon-ka” that comes out of my mouth is less and less timid. Every conversation I strike up with fellow travellers comes with less hesitation. I’ve rode my first tuktuk, had my first thai beer, hung out with people I just met that day for the first time, activated my first foreign cell number, and received my first number from a Thai man ;). Just kidding, that last one was actually from my taxi driver trying to get more business. 

Food, food, and more food. And beer.

Food, food, and more food. And beer.

I also did an evening bike tour,  which was an adventure and a half. I’m pretty sure I shaved a few years off my life span from those 6 hours. I absolutely adored seeing a different side of Bangkok I would not have otherwise seen (poorer areas, local homes, the empty temple grounds at night) and I definitely recommend trying it once, but let’s just say I would reconsider doing it more than once.

Okay, imagine a game of Super Mario.  But instead of turtle shells and mushroom enemies hurtling towards you, they are cats and children, who you don’t really want to kill. The never-ending alleyway corners are so tight, you (or maybe just me) have a 50% chance of crashing at every turn. Now once on the road, it becomes Mario Kart, vehicles in every direction, all in a hurry. When you see an opening in the road, you just have to go for it. One wrong move and you are toast. I wish I had a video or even a photo to share,  but I guess some things in this world can only be recorded by your own memory.

A cycling break from the Bangkok madness

A cycling break from the Bangkok madness

I stayed at Lub D Siam hostel for 4 nights, and for my very first experience in a dorm, I am pleased.  A modern and chill hostel, and fantastic location right beside the malls and train station.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Here’s a random tip: when you think the nickname you heard the person introduce themself as, sounds too racist to be right, don’t doubt that. “Your name is Eggroll??” “No, April…”


I’ve started a tally for the nationalities of fellow travelers I’ve met. Care to place a bet? So far, England is winning.


Traveling alone like this is something I never imagined I would do. At the night bazaar alongside the river the other night,  I had a very special moment. With the joyous atmosphere, blinking lights of the ferris wheel, festive music behind me, and the dark and mysterious river in front of me, a wave of emotion swept over me. I remember closing my eyes, trying to savour the moment. My eyes welled up, and then– “Excuse me, miss, can you take our picture for us?”.

Wow,  moment ruined.

That tear of emotion never ended up coming out,  but instead, I caught it in a little bottle, and am keeping it deep within my heart.


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