Narita, Japan- Lesson #1: Make sure you have enough money before you decide to treat yourself to that dessert

It’s so surreal, being all the way on the other side of the globe. After all the planning I did, I can’t believe I’m here, living out my dream. And that’s what it literally feels, like I’m walking around in a dream.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

I had a delicious sushi lunch which blew half my budget and led to my next embarassing moment. Shortly after ordering a dessert that I decided to treat myself to, I realized the 100 yen coins I had were really 10 yen coins. Meaning I very quickly got the hell out of there LOL. Thank the Lord I hadn’t gobbled down my dessert before realizing that, otherwise I’d still be there, washing the dishes. To be fair, I did tell the owner seconds after I ordered that I was going to the bank quickly,  only to find out I left my Canadian dollars at my hotel, so goodbye dessert.

I’m staying at Narita U-city hotel, and for $20/night, you really get the bang for your buck.  It’s super close to the airport, with a free shuttle, and the staff are really polite. Hell, everyone here is polite. The room is small but comfortable, and decently clean. Lots of free toiletries, which I happily jacked.


My impression of Japan?  The area has alot of charm and my surroundings are so intriguing. Everyone I’ve interacted with have been nothing but kind– from the sushi chef trying to set me up with a fellow foreigner, down to the airport uncle that wheeled me around the airport and waited for the bus with me because I was weak in the knees from motion sickness. I’ve only been in Japan for a day and a half,  but I’m already in love. Just you wait,  I’ll be back 😉


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